Komives for Council

Fresh, Bold Leadership


Toledo's Issues

Toledo sits on the verge of real growth that we haven't seen in a long while. During this time, we must ensure that the issues we face are dealt with appropriately and with vigor. I pledge to every Toledoan to look at each of the city's issues and find solutions that work, are sustainable, and ensure a strong future for our fair city.



In order for Toledo to prosper, we need an infrastructure system that promotes growth and ensures safety. There are many obstacles to achieving the city’s full potential that stand in our way. From a state tax system that no longer distributes our dollars back to Toledo, to a local budget that could use new prioritizations and a fresh perspective. To bring our city’s infrastructure into the modern era... 


Safe, Walkable Neighborhoods

Safe neighborhoods are the hallmark of a strong city. Toledo has an array of exciting, historic communities our citizens are proud to be part of. Let’s make our neighborhoods more than just the road we live on---let’s make them into vibrant gathering spaces. Every neighborhood should have a center... 



One of Toledo’s greatest assets is our proximity to Lake Erie. Our community and region must do all that it can to protect this critical resource for its economic benefit and for every citizen’s health. As prices for water continue to rise, our city must work diligently to create strong municipal partnerships across county lines and city limits. Toledo can continue to offer quality...

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