Komives for Council

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Safe, walkable neighborhoods

Safe neighborhoods are the hallmark of a strong city. Toledo has an array of exciting, historic communities our citizens are proud to be part of. Let’s make our neighborhoods more than just the road we live on---let’s make them into vibrant gathering spaces. Every neighborhood should have a center, whether that be a main street or energetic community space. Creating a location people want to be in helps increase foot traffic, motivating businesses to also be a stopping point along the way. We need our vision for urban development to include buildings accessible from the sidewalk for pedestrians, lanes for cyclists, mixed with affordable housing and workplaces nearby. This small change will have substantial economic benefits, where both neighborhoods and people flourish in these walkable environments.

Community Policing

The ability for every citizen to feel safe in our city is built on trust. Trust between neighbors, individual citizens and the police. “Community policing,” where officers are encouraged to step out of their vehicles and onto sidewalks, increases socializing amongst citizens and helps further familiarize officers with communities. As Toledo Police get to know the people of the neighborhood, we can begin the process of being proactive rather than reactive. This allows officers to study the root causes to crime, rather than responding when an incident has already occurred. This is accomplished by increasing access to resources for departments across Toledo, while offering informative training sessions that allow officers to understand the cultural, economic and social geography of our city. Safety cannot be assured by simply hiring more officers---it must be coupled with creating understanding and offering robust resources.

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