Komives for Council

Fresh, Bold Leadership



In order for Toledo to prosper, we need an infrastructure system that promotes growth and ensures safety. There are many obstacles to achieving the city’s full potential that stand in our way. From a state tax system that no longer distributes our dollars back to Toledo, to a local budget that could use new prioritizations and a fresh perspective. To bring our city’s infrastructure into the modern era, we must abandon the “band aid approach.” It’s time our city develops complete streets and total upgrades to our underground piping; not just short-term fixes. These ideas are economically sensible and promote sustainability for the future, while further ensuring public safety.


Our streets are continuously under construction for maintenance purposes and utility work. Companies performing these jobs are required to return the street to a functional state, but that does not always happen. Potholes often happen as a result of this work, and our city is left to pay for these repairs. Other municipalities in our state, like Dayton, are facing these same issues. By implementing a low-cost initiative while utilizing modern technology, Dayton has been inserting microchips in their streets and associating them with the contractors who performed this work. That way, when these potholes inevitably form, we can hold the parties performing these tasks accountable, preventing Toledo from incurring unnecessary costs.

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